World Trail Majors was born as a diverse, respectful, and independent series of 9 trail/ultra races around the world. Since going public on 13th of November 2023, many races made contact with an interest to joining the series and conversations started. We can now announce the 10th race in the series: Grand Raid des Pyrenees joins World Trail Majors!


Grand Raid des Pyrenees joins World Trail Majors for the 2024 calendar as member with the same rights and responsibilities as the original nine races, Anta Hong Kong 100 Ultramarathon, Black Canyon Ultras, The North Face Transgrancanaria, Mt. FUJI 100, MIUT – Madeira Island Ultra-Trail, Swiss Canyon Trail, South Downs Way 100, Quebec Mega Trail and RMB Ultra-Trail Cape Town.

Grand Raid des Pyrenees, pure French flavour!

The Grand Raid des Pyrenees is one of the most well established, challenging races on the ultra-running calendar. It all started back in 2008 with +400 runners and two races, 75 and 150 km. Now, at the end of August, over 6000 runners come to enjoy 7 race distances from 40 Km to 160, the “GRP” as it’s commonly called in France is a race weekend with pure French DNA, that includes a warm and friendly atmosphere. Located in the South West of France, just 2 hours from Toulouse, near the border to Spain, is the superb, unspoilt and wild massif of the central Pyrenees, the routes use trails and mountain passes (cols) including world famous sites such as the Pic du Midi de Bigorre and the Cirque de Gavarnie, which became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.

Previous winners include Carlos Sá (Portugal), Iker Karrera (Spain), Hillary Giraldi (USA), Dawa Sherpa (Nepal) and French athletes Patrick Bohard, Maxime Cazajous, Blandine L’Hirondel and Jocelyne Pauly.

The race that joins the series is the Ultra Tour, 163 km with and 9800 m of elevation.

Grand Raid des Pyrenees and World Trail Majors, matching values

Traditionally independent, Grand Raid des Pyrenees wanted to join the World Trail Majors because “It is an opportunity to open up to other prestigious races to share ideas as well as an excellent opportunity to promote the Pyrenees, our region and its unique character to runners all over the world. The values of sharing the experience while preserving the authenticity and identity of each of the World Trail Majors races have convinced us as they are the same as those of the Grand Raid des Pyrenees” says Simon Accarier, co-founder of GRP.

World Trail Majors welcomes Grand Raid des Pyrenees

World Trail Majors is happy to welcome GRP to its calendar. Sidonio Freitas, MIUT – Madeira Island Ultra-Trail’s race director, commented “It is great to see GRP joining World Trail Majors as a member. Besides being a big French race based on the beautiful massif of the Pyrenees, it is a race that preserves its local identity and has big respect for its environment. The date that this race takes place, suits perfectly in the WTM calendar.”

James Elson, race director of South Downs Way 100, also commented “We are delighted to welcome Grand Raid Pyrenees to the World Trail Majors. Trail Spirit and the French Trail Running scene are synonymous. With this race taking place in one of the most breathtaking mountain ranges in the world and giving European athletes the chance to be able to travel overland to a WTM event – it is the perfect addition to the series for 2024.”

A final note from Grand Raid des Pyrenees

Les inscriptions pour le Grand Raid des Pyrénées – édition 2024 sont ouvertes depuis la mi-janvier. Face au succès rencontré auprès des traileurs, il ne reste plus que des places sur l’ULTRA 160, en solo et en relais. ULTRA 160 solo étant la course ayant intégrée le circuit World Trail Majors.

Toutefois, dans le cadre de l’adhésion toute récente du GRP au sein de World Trail Majors et permettre aux coureurs étrangers participants au circuit, de venir découvrir les Pyrénées, l’équipe du Grand Raid des Pyrénées reste attentive aux demandes qui pourront nous parvenir.

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter à l’adresse mail,, afin de trouver une solution en cas de difficultés.


Registration for the Grand Raid des Pyrénées 2024 has been open since mid-January. Due to the success of the race, there are only places left on the ULTRA 160, both solo and relay. ULTRA 160 solo is the race that has joined the World Trail Majors circuit.

However, as part of the GRP’s recent membership of the World Trail Majors, and to enable foreign runners taking part in the circuit to come and discover the Pyrenees, the Grand Raid des Pyrénées team remains attentive to any requests we may receive.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at to find a solution to any difficulties you may encounter.


Las inscripciones para el Grand Raid des Pyrénées 2024 se abrieron a mediados de enero. Debido al éxito de la carrera, sólo quedan plazas en la ULTRA 160, tanto en solitario como en relevos. ULTRA 160 Solo es la carrera que se ha incorporado al circuito World Trail Majors.

Sin embargo, tras la reciente adhesión del GRP a la World Trail Majors y para permitir a los corredores extranjeros participar en el circuito y venir a descubrir los Pirineos, el equipo del Grand Raid des Pyrénées permanece atento a cualquier solicitud que podamos recibir.

No dudes en ponerse en contacto con nosotros en para encontrar una solución a las dificultades que puedas encontrar.