Swiss Canyon Trail was founded in 1994 under the name of Trail de l’Absinthe and runs through the Swiss valley of Val-de-Travers. There are four race distances, the star of which is the 111km run through the mountains and lush forests of the valley.

With a challenging elevation gain of 5350m with some technical terrain to test your trail skills, Swiss Canyon Trail is a benchmark race in central Europe for its experienced organization and history, including being the location for the Swiss mountain running championships.

Pura montaña sin excesos, multitud de subidas y bajadas, en definitiva, de lo mejor la cadena montañosa del Jura (que viene de Jurásico) para disfrutar de una prueba lo suficientemente desafiante en un entorno paradisíaco.

First Edition: 1996

Main Race (km): 111

Cumulative elevation (m): 5350

Otras carreras (km): 16/31/51/81

Total participants: 2300

Dates: 2024/06/07-09

Illustrious Winners: Camille Bruyas, Benoit Girondel, Germain Grangier.

Location: Val de Travers, Jura Mountains, 120km north east of Geneva, Switzerland.





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