Considered one of the most prestigious ultras in Canada the 100 mile Quebec Mega Trail is the queen of an 8 race “festival” weekend, composed of wild and spectacular trails including the majestic St. Lawrence River and the Saint Anne River Canyon, taking the foothills of the immense Laurentian Mountain range.

With the attractiveness of the beautiful French-speaking city of Quebec, the untamed nature of Canada and a challenging 100 mile race (there are shorter race options), there leaves little reason not to enter this race and explore, travel, enjoy and test yourself against the terrain in Canada.

Previous relevant runners or winners include Mathieu Blanchard, Kelsey Hogan, Alisa Macdonald and Sangé Sherpa.

First Edition: 2012

Main Race (km): 160

Cumulative elevation (m): 6500

Other race: 6/10/15/25/50/80/110

Total participants: 3300

Dates: 2024/07/05-07

Notable previous winners: Mathieu Blanchard, Kelsey Hogan, Alisa Macdonald, Sangé Sherpa.

Location: Quebec, north east of Canada.





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