The megacity of Hong Kong (7.4 million inhabitants) is a constant presence to the Hong Kong 100 Ultra Marathon, a 100-kilometer race that, despite its name, never touches urban ground. The route runs largely along the Sai Kung Peninsula overlooking the islands in the China Sea that are part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network.

Despite its small size, Hong Kong has spectacular natural corners that have made this race, born in 2011, one of the most important ultra distance races in Asia. Every January, the continent’s best runners can compete against athletes from all over the world and demonstrate the potential of trail running in the region.

The South African Ryan Sandes, the French François D’Haene, the Spanish Nuria Picas and the Chinese Shen Jiasheng, Qi Min and Yao Miao are some of the runners who have written their name in the list of winners of the race.

First Edition: 2011

Main Race (km): 102

Cumulative elevation (m): 5314

Other races: 33 / 56

Total participants: 3000

Dates: 2024/01/18-21

Notable previous winners: Francesca Canepa, Lizzy Hawker, François D’Haene, Shen Kiasheng, Yao Miao, Nuria Picas, Ryan Sandes,

Location: Hong Kong, near Shenzen and Macau, southern China.





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